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Bismillah Ir Rahman ir Raheem


Zahra Summayah is the Founder of Manifesting Muslimah, a New Muslimah Coaching Service. Her aim is to empower and inspire New Muslimahs who are seeking ways to strengthen their Iman and Islam, in times of adversity and uncertainty. So that they can embolden their hearts by practicing their Deen with confidence, get closer to Allah (swt) and thrive in all areas of their lives.

Zahra is a convert to Islam with degrees in Psychology and has had a private practice in Grief Counseling. A Spiritual seeker from Tibetan Buddhism into Islamic Spirituality; who has combined her training and faith to overcome obstacles in her life.

Zahra wants to take all she has learned to help other New Muslimahs navigate the challenges of standing by their Faith choice, particularly in times of trials. It is through her spiritual practice and honoring the Universal Right to be treated with kindness and dignity; that Zahra found the courage and strength to set boundaries so that she could manifest her God-given purpose and thrive.

Being a convert of 6 years, Zahra has developed a deep love of our Deen and insights into the struggles of being a convert. She wants to combine her personal journey with her professional qualifications in Counseling & Psychology, to inspire and empower Muslim women around the world to map themselves a new journey of peace, abundance, and prosperity.

As a New Muslimah coach Zahra aims to inspire, empower and celebrate our Deen with Muslimahs so that they can thrive in all areas of their lives; having Allah (swt) as the focus.

We Muslimahs have a duty to God to express our gratitude for creating us in the image of His perfection. And that starts with not letting anyone oppress us, particularly ourselves and our negative self-talk and unhealthy behaviours.

Coaching is less about dwelling in the past hurt and more about manifesting your marvelous self through lessons learned, self-enhancing choices and positive life fulfilling action; all with the pleasure of Allah (swt) as the focus.

My coaching service is best suited to Muslimahs (converts and born- again) who are ready to give themselves the permission to move forward. My coaching is putting Allah (swt) and thriving Muslimahs as the focus.

I do not want us to dwell on the negative, rather put all our energy into dream building, planning and activating the best lives we can for the sake of Allah(swt) 👑💕

All women are welcome to join with Manifesting Muslimah in redefining themselves and their lives


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The Strong Women Challenge – Action Aid Australia



Zahra Summayah’s Strong Women Challenge Profile

strong women




The Strong Women Challenge kicks off on Monday November 6 and will finish 21 days later on Sunday November 26. Be quick and sign up today

About the challenge

To celebrate and raise funds for strong women around the world, we’re asking Australians to join us in a 21 day strength building challenge kicking off on 6 November. Through doing a daily physical challenge (and the occasional inner-strength one) and sharing your experience online with friends and family, you will come out feeling stronger yourself, while supporting women to become stronger together.

Every dollar you raise through this challenge supports women fighting for their rights and leading change to end poverty – empowering them to be recognised and treated as the strong women we know them to be.

By taking this challenge, you’re standing behind women in communities around the world whose strength and heavy lifting ensures the safety and well-being of those around them.  We are strong women. Let’s get stronger together.



 Zahra Summayah’s Strong Women Challenge Profile




Arafat 2017 Interview: My Journey to Islam


Friday 1 Sept 4-5pm AEST I will give an interview for about my journey to Islam.

If you want to listen live you need to install Telegram app otherwise you can wait for the recorded podcast 😁

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On #Friday 1st of September, the channel Rahyafte will be conducting an interview with Ms Zahra Summayah  from #Australia, whose name has been taken from Muslim Heroines & is a recent revert to the religion of Islam.

📌Please send us your questions to be asked from the Respected Revert on this ID:

🆔 @NGC3132

#ZahraSummayah; an Australian born of Italian/Irish heritage, was baptized a Roman Catholic. She practiced Tibetan Buddhism for 15 years, having recently reverted to Sufi/Shia Islam from Tibetan Buddhism in 2011.
She has three university degrees in psychology and a Master in Development studies (Refugees and Forced Migration).
As a peace activist she works for Syrian refugees who live in Jordan.



See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil

Self Portrait from International Women’s Day Self Portraiture Photography Exhibition