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MY HIJAB – Inspirational True Story


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MY HIJAB – Inspirational True Story

Because I’ve also been asked many times, I hope this video sheds light on the meaning behind wearing a Hijab. Beyond the simple understanding that it is an act of modesty or a form of representing Islam. Ask any Hijabi and you’ll get a unique “Hijab Story” rendition from each individual. Whether an inner struggle against conformity or about self esteem, it is ultimately the journey to discover one’s self and beliefs.

“My Hijab” – Vanessa McGreevy (Boston, USA)



My Hijab is my crown.
I am a queen, and like a queen I don’t shake hands with strange men.
My Hijab.
My Hijab is peace.
This piece of cloth that covers my body.
Is serenity.
A sign of submission.
They say it’s a sign of submission to my husband.
I say: No.
Submission to Someone much more important.
Lord of the Worlds.
My Hijab.
My Hijab is a reminder.
A reminder to myself to behave in the manner I am supposed to:
With integrity.
My Hijab.
My Hijab may serve as a reminder to other people of how to treat me:
I am not an ornament for your eyes.
My beauty will not be cheapened by using pieces of my body to sell your:
Body wash
Cars or
Power tools.
I will not be used in some misogynists’ music video.
No. You may not have my number.
All that man covets is hard to reach;
Gold and Jewels must be mined.
Oil must be drilled.
Pearls lie
In shells
At the bottom of the sea.
Why is my body any different?
My Hijab, believe it or not, has nothing to do with you:
Your laws to ban it.
Your opinion that I’m oppressed.
Your view on my style of expression or belief system.
Your hateful heart and your hands that rip it from my head.
Your not in charge of my fate
My destiny.
My. Maker. Is.
My Hijab is my Piety.
My non con formation to mainstream.
I will NOT let YOU make me AFRAID.
This is who
Before you made it something for people to fear.
And attached words like “Terrorist” to it.
Before you attempt to
Try to make me
Take it off,
or Assimilate.
My Hijab:
Get used to it. It’s not going away.
My Hijab is happiness:
I am here.
I am empowered.
My Hijab is a liberation.
The Flag in the Muslimah Liberation.
The first movement of ‘feminism’; started by the Prophet Muhammad.
May Peace and Blessings be Upon Him.
I declare these streets
Any streets
My Hijab’s country.
My Hijab’s Universe.
We are free and answer to God Alone.
But mainly
My Hijab and everything under it Is mine.
My God Given Right.
My Freedom.
My Protection.
My Liberation.
My Dedication to My Maker and
No One Else.