New Directions for a divorced new Muslimah




💥Attention New Muslimahs 💥


💡Are you ready to invest in your healing and growth this Ramadan? 

💡Are you feeling disillusioned by the dichotomy between what Islam promises in marriage and your actual experience?

💡Are you tired of having endless negative conversations in your head with your ex?

💡Is your focus on your ex instead of Allah (swt) when in Salat?

💎Do you want to be able to make the decision to no longer need your ex to validate your existence?

💎Do you want to let go of the anger, enmity and need for justice against your ex?

💟Would you like to share with other convert/revert sisters like yourself, who may be feeling lonely and disconnected this Ramadan?

Do you simply want to put all your focus and energy on thriving, re-defining and taking action in your life?

“Charity begins at home”, this Ramadan give yourself the healing and growth needed to be the best Muslimah Allah (swt) wants you to be.