Arafat 2017 Interview: My Journey to Islam


Friday 1 Sept 4-5pm AEST I will give an interview for about my journey to Islam.

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🔶🔸Dear #Rahyafte audiences

On #Friday 1st of September, the channel Rahyafte will be conducting an interview with Ms Zahra Summayah  from #Australia, whose name has been taken from Muslim Heroines & is a recent revert to the religion of Islam.

📌Please send us your questions to be asked from the Respected Revert on this ID:

🆔 @NGC3132

#ZahraSummayah; an Australian born of Italian/Irish heritage, was baptized a Roman Catholic. She practiced Tibetan Buddhism for 15 years, having recently reverted to Sufi/Shia Islam from Tibetan Buddhism in 2011.
She has three university degrees in psychology and a Master in Development studies (Refugees and Forced Migration).
As a peace activist she works for Syrian refugees who live in Jordan.



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