Hijab Struggles


When your sister chooses to take off her Hijab, do not allow yourself to take the role of God and judge.
Do not allow yourself to point the finger on one public sin, when your private sins are innumerable, that if you took a look at your soul in the mirror you’d bury yourself in shame.
The only reason taking off the Hijab is so dramatic, is because its public. But when we stop praying, when we stop reading Quran, when we stop fasting, when we neglect our parents, when we have pre-marital relationships, when we do all the sins that we do, understand it is only due to Gods mercy that no one sees them.
Yes it is a shock, yes it hurts and yes it does shatter my heart and soul. But everyone goes through times when their faith is low, everyone fails tests and trials. We are not perfect. We all sin.
So dear girls that wear the Hijab don’t turn your back on your sister when she takes it off. Do not deem her a sinner and strip her from hope of guidance. Rather, allow yourself to remain the light that she can turn to in times of need. Allow yourself to remain a symbol of Gods mercy and compassion, in which Hijab stands for.
Until the day we understand Hijab is more than the fabric wrapped on our heads, its the compassion in our hearts and souls, the welcoming smile on our faces, and the mercy embodied in our inner core, a gift from God the most Merciful, the most Compassionate.
Let us learn from the threads that make up our Hijabs, intertwined and close together, unified and strong , that is how you raise the banner of Islam, together, by our sisterhood, when your sister slips you raise her up, not kick her when shes at her lowest.
Enjoining in good and forbidding evil, was never built on judgement rather compassion – Faten Merhi17361845_10155135645578685_4348499005263012715_n