Sisters empowering sisters – RISE


*Sisters empowering sisters* is the aim behind our #RISE online series; where we interview a Muslim woman who is a role model or an expert in the topic she speaks about!

Our goal is to release a video a week for the year 2017 in Sha Allah… if you haven’t been following it; you can always catch up! The videos are all under 6 mins each and in Sha Allah hoping to cover more topics that are important to sisters empowerment…

The inspiring and educational videos are shared on Life Matters Academy (Facebook page, please like to stay updated) or subscribe to our Youtube channel…

Here are the last 10 videos:

1. Anisa Khan, “The 3 tips to overcome barriers of success”,

2. Ustatha Um Jamal, “3 tips for persevering in Islamic knowledge”,

3. Tasnim Said, “3 tips to investing for impact”,

4. Aisha Smith, “3 tips to having an empowering birth experience”,

5. Sara Saleh, “3 tips to effectively engage in social activism”,

6. Heba Shaheed, “3 tips to overcoming sexual stigmas”,

7. Ibtehaj Shahrouq, “3 tips to empower parents with children with special needs”

8. Aisha Meguid, “3 tips to manage stress”,

9. Ustatha Basma Abdul Qader, “3 tips to purifying the heart”,

10. Nadia Rasidi, “3 tips for starting your own business”,