DONATE NOW – #SheCanBe appeal


Donate today on Shout. In celebration of International Women’s Day our friends at Shout are matching total donations up to $2,000 to help kickstart our #SheCanBe appeal. Download the Shout app & donate now.


Easy Donation FORM – can Donate with PAYPAL

  • $10 will pay for 1 month of legal advice for garment workers in Cambodia
  • $30 will support one woman survivor of violence in Papua New Guinea to receive support, counselling and legal assistance
  • $60 will provide 2 months of food and resources for a crisis centre in Myanmar assisting survivors of human trafficking
  • $100 will fund 1 month of counselling and legal support in Cambodia to garment workers who have survived violence and abuseIWD_appeal_3-be39694c-5c7c-459a-809b-60d0ed6665f8