Jewels of Jannah: Asiya (R) by Yasmin Mogahed


“And Allah has set forth an example for those who believe, the wife of Pharaoh, when she said: “My Lord! Build for me a home with You in Paradise, and save me from Pharaoh and his work, and save me from the people who are Zalimun (polytheists, wrong-doers and disbelievers in Allah).” (66:11)



So, insyaAllah today I will be talking about a very special woman. It’s not Aisyah but someone very very special.

There are some women whose resolve you can’t shake. They are strengthened by Allah and submit to nothing except for him. And so even the greatest tyrant cannot break them or make them give up their faith.

Asiya the wife of Firaun was one such woman.

Her strength and her status will forever remain an example for all of mankind. She was a woman who never allowed herself to be defined or limited by her painful circumstances. Instead, she carried in her such a deep faith and knowledge of who she really was that she was willing to die for what she believed in. It was perhaps for this reason that the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w mentioned her as one of the greatest women of all time.

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How to recycle your hijab


We live in wardrobes of excess clothing, accessories and fabric. It can’t be helped really, changing trends mean we want the next X Y Z of obsolete product design. BUT, instead of opting for the consumerist option this season, go with The Eco Muslim lifestyle and recycle your old-ish clothing into new-ish hijabs (headscarves/khimaar).

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How to recycle your hijab