“Asma, Please Help Me”


I am 27 years woman. I got married in 2004 with he. It is an arrange marriage. My husband stidied from US. He acts some times strange but I thought he gets tired from his work. I gave birth to my first daughter. She get sick instead of taking to the doctor he use to abuse me. My life was difficult during that time. My parents use to call him to make him calm down and relaxe and mom was concern the way he acted with me but she was quite. There be days he pick fight with any reason and beats me. The life became more difficult after giving birth to my second daughter. He touch my daughters wrong. I say no in that private. Please help me I have the two girls. I want to go save my kids future I am more concern about them as compared to anything else. I am all alone. So why I call for you. 

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“Asma, Please Help Me”


ISLAM SAYS NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. “The best of men are those best to their wives” – Prophet (saw)


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  1. Mashallah this is such an amazing and inspirational story. May Allah bless with woman with an infinite amount of rewards in this life and in the hereafter! It makes me realize that if someone can do ALL of that, then I can take some time out of my day to do something good. I really loved this thank you for sharing!

    • Ameen! And yes I felt exactly the same way as you, surely there is more I can do in my life to help if this woman can do so much. May we Allah (swt) give us the patience and heart to do more, Ameen

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