MY HIJAB – Inspirational True Story


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MY HIJAB – Inspirational True Story

Because I’ve also been asked many times, I hope this video sheds light on the meaning behind wearing a Hijab. Beyond the simple understanding that it is an act of modesty or a form of representing Islam. Ask any Hijabi and you’ll get a unique “Hijab Story” rendition from each individual. Whether an inner struggle against conformity or about self esteem, it is ultimately the journey to discover one’s self and beliefs.


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  1. Mashallah I loved this video and your story! You have a beautiful concept of hijab. I think every woman has to go through some kind of hardship with the hijab so we can learn what it really means at a deeper level and so we can learn to love it. I love your passion for the hijab and I pray Allah keeps you steadfast always ❤

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