Things I do with my Hijab that you never even considered.


Unveiled Thought

Yes, yes, wearing a hijab is all about piety and important things (you can read all about that here).

But no one really talks about the real benefits of wearing a hijab. Here are a couple:

1. No bad hair days. Ever. No seriously, ever. 

Oh, dah-ling. Should've put a hijab on that. Oh, dah-ling. Should’ve put a hijab on that.

Now granted, this one is probably the most obvious one – I just didn’t want to blow your mind too soon. Let me gently ease you into this other world of hijab-wearing-ness.

You know what it’s like. You wake up late. You need to get to work. You need to do something with your hair. You need to look professional. You don’t know if you want your hair in a bun again.

Actually, you don’t. You slip on a pretty coloured cap, wrap a lavish scarf around your face and suddenly you’re presentable. No…

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