The Muslim “Feminist” (who isn’t really a “Feminist”)


Zara Faris

Islamic Feminism1“Feminism” has been stalking Muslim women. It has been quietly was-wasa-whispering that it deeply and fully understands the liberation that Muslim women seek – that it understands Muslim women better than Muslim women do (and definitely better than their Creator does!). “Feminism” has been vowing, nay threatening, that it alone is the answer to injustices against women, and that to reject feminism would be to reject social justice, to reject our own obligation to justice, so let. it. in.  Just ignore, it asks, that in public, it has been cursing our veils, criminalising our values and even dictating where we should sit – just accede to female tears and let. it. in.  A few Muslim women, faces wet from recounted stories of afflicted women, have unchained their doors and invited this impassioned adjective into their homes, into their lives, into their “identities”, as a way of “honouring” or demonstrating…

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