Response to comments by supporters of Sara Khan (Inspire)


Zara Faris

Following the publication of my article, “Sara Khan and Maajid Nawaz: Faux Indignation and Feminist Excommunication (Takfir)“, I received a comment from one of Sara Khan’s supporters, Zeena Yasin. Zeena Yasin was very recently welcomed to Sara Khan’s Inspire team, by its other Co-Founder, Kalsoom Bashir:

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 23.37.18

Here is her comment:

Inspire Supporter

Here was my response:

You say, “Just because I’m a feminist, doesn’t mean I should accept all types of feminism”. No, you need not agree with all types of feminism, you just have no basis to say that other types of feminism are less valid forms of feminism than yours. It’s not that you don’t agree with other forms of feminism that would make you a bigot; it is more likely that your visceral aggression toward those who do not believe in feminism would make you a bigot.

And just to correct you, I do not face “opposition” from “women…

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