Imagine if Islam were truly practiced by men and women…..


What is most ‘frightening’ about an Islam that is practiced, be it in the Secular consumer West or the ‘nominal’ Islamic globalised consumer societies; is that of the modestly covered woman. Every idea and product from food to computer games have been sold on the degrading sexualisation of women. An Islam that is practiced by the MEN will not endorse or permit such degradation of women in order to entertain or entice them. An Islam practiced by WOMEN will not let themselves be degraded in such a way and DEMAND the men lower their inner and outer gazes, thus granting them the dignity Allah(swt) commanded for them. A properly practiced Islam does not separate itself from economy or politics; imagine if 1.5 bill Muslims boycotted all products and entertainments that endorsed the degrading sexualization of women.

– Zahra Summayah


How To Implement Prayer Within Your Household


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The Muslimah Mommy


Islam is more than calling yourself a Muslim, it’s about LIVING as a practicing Muslim. A huge part of being a Muslim is performing Salah (prayer); and often times, maintaining an environment of prayer within your home can be challenging. With that said, below are some tips on how you can help implement prayer within your family.

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