Lessons of Karbala – Syeda Zainab


When the enemy triumphantly asked Zaynab al-Kubra (sa) to describe what she had seen, she said, “I did not see anything but beauty.” Her brothers, her children, her dear ones, her closest companions, and many others had been violently killed in front of her eyes. She had seen the enemy put their heads on spears, but she said, “I did not see anything but beauty.”
Now try to combine this beauty with the narration according to which Zaynab al-Kubra (sa) did not fail to say her midnight prayers even on the eleventh day of Muharram [the day after Ashura].
Her relationship with Allah the Exalted was not undermined during her captivity. On the contrary, her relationship with God was strengthened. She is a role model.”
— Ayatollah Khamenei