Syeda Zainab’s message through the dark alleys of history


Part 6/20, (480 words)
Islamic Perception(b)

But honestly how do we adopt hejab? Is it inherited from your family or it was a conventional dress and custom in your family or may be a habit or uniform? Or even worse, a Muslim woman’s hejab is something coercive. She was not allowed or she did not want to investigate the philosophy, responsibilities and messages of wearing this vitalizing attire. In all the mentioned instances your Hejab is not the manifestation of Islam which is personifying Islamic ideas. Have you ever thought about your knowledge of Islam? Is our present Islam the corrupted Islam
defined by Imam Ali (a.s) as: “(The corrupt Islam consists of) a skin-coat turned inside out, incantations on the tongues of the peers (or the so-called mystic saints) and the Qur’an placed at the cornices of the tombs!” What do you know about a Muslim woman? A poor woman whose sole philosophy of creation was to sit within four walls and cook and clean and fulfill the commands of the men of the family. And whenever she wanted to know why she has to do all of these chores she was either uttered bitterly and maliciously or compassionately and gently by the slogan “The jihad of a woman is looking after her house and her children and striving for the pleasure and satisfaction of her husband”. In fact these type of men exploit women by this fact without comprehending the real meaning and essence of this Jihad .And how wisely Imam Ali (a.s) describes this type of situations: “کلمه الحق یراد بها الباطل”
Of course one of the holiest and grand job is to bring up children, what Fatima (s.a) did. Bringing up Hassan, paradigm of patience and peace, bringing up Hussein, symbol of spiritual and religious struggle in the way of God (Jihad), and Zainab the manifestation of bearing the heavy social mission of justice and truth and awakening the society. As Imam Khomeini (r.a) said: “From Woman’s Lap Man Ascends to the Skies”. From this lap children will be brought up who will have the potential to build an effective, prospering and active society, or in words of Roman
Rollin (French dramatist and the Nobel Prize for Literaturein in 1915) “men are the creator of important tasks and women bring into existence the men.” But Islam “expects you to be a mother fighting against falsehood, injustice and tyranny, and at the same time a chaste mother bringing up faithful and justice-loving sons and daughters who need her affectionate fostering, a kind wife for the husband, and also a woman sensitive to all the social problems, and responsible before God, her conscience and the people of her land, in other words, a complete woman, a Muslim woman, and not a domestic slave, nor a slave of the bourgeoisie, nor a slave of the Marxian type.”(Beauty of concealment and concealment of