Islamic feminism


If being an Islamic Feminist means challenging Muslim men to actually treat women according to the justice and mercy of Allah (swt) and give women the plethora of rights upon them Allah (swt) decreed – then yes i am defiantly an Islamic Feminist.

If being an Islamic Feminist means understanding Quran was revealed more for the benefit of women in arabic society through changing the attitudes and actions of men, as demonstrated by the deeds of our Prophet (saw) – then yes i am an Islamic Feminist.

If being an Islamic Feminist means seeking to emulate the women of the family the Prophet (saw)
1. syeda khadija an independent business woman, went after what she wanted (proposed to a younger man in the Prophet), bank rolled Islam, was nuturing wife and mother.
2. syeda fatima zahra – championed her father the Prophet (swt), stood up for HER RIGHTFUL INHERITANCE that usurped by a caliph, scholar and teacher, nuturing wife and mother.
3. syeda zainab – went into battle alongside her brothers to save Islam, stood toe to toe with tyrants for justice and to speak the truth, was a nuturing wife and mother.


I do not hate all men, just the ones that degrade and sexualise women, the ones that are shameless hypocrites labelled with Muslim names.

If you are a true believing Muslim man in the path of the Prophet (saw) THEN YOU TOO SHOULD BE AN ISLAMIC FEMINIST 🙂