Just as veiling…


Just as veiling for Muslim women has become a politicized forum for Muslim women to express their defiant devotion in non religious contexts. Just as Muslim women, through hijab are seeking to ‘control the gaze’ of a sexualized modern Western society. Muslim MEN need to politicize THEIR MODESTY – they need to stand defiantly against the Modern Secular Liberal Western ‘James Bond’ masculinity of arrogance and indecency. Much of the academic discourse from Muslim and Non Muslim feminists pertain to Muslim women, hijab and explanations of gender, modernity, sexuality and empowerment. But the premise they start with is incomplete – neglecting to mention HIJAB IS FOR MEN FIRST IN THE QURAN – and Hijab is not simply about the headscarf on the woman. Hijab is NOT about women being secluded from men as a means of sexual control- but rather Hijab is about Muslim men holding an attitude and action of modesty that disables the sexualization of women prevalent in secular liberal society. Effectively, if MEN ARE NOT LOOKING AND DIGESTING THE INDECENCY THEN THERE IS NO DEMAND – AND SUPPLY DRIES UP!!!! Western liberal society propounds a gender equality based on sexual liberalism – the impact of which is seen on billboards and backs of buses. Islam contends a respect between men and women based on the the equality of modesty as a means of empowering both men and women. Islam needs revolutionary Muslim men who will militate for their modesty. To say NO! to the creation and consumption of sexualized depictions of women in entertainments and media. – Zahra Summayah