Abuse in relationships in the name of Islam – IT IS NOT OK!


13 thoughts on “Abuse in relationships in the name of Islam – IT IS NOT OK!

  1. One of my very close friend was going through this and I referred her this video. Its sad to see our brothers and sisters are abusing and using Islam to justify this act 😦

    • May Allah (swt) give your friend the courage and ability to remove herself from her abuser, Ameen

      Indeed it is a great shame it all stems from Men not acting in the way of the Prophet. Truly Islam is all about the rights of women and the obligation of men to uphold them.

      • Aameen. It’s really sad when we men don’t take any lesson from seerah of our beloved prophet

      • Its sad we men don’t take any lesson from the seerah of our beloved prophet Muhammad sallahu alayihi wasalm. How he was with his wives, daughters, grand children, companions and even enemies of islam

      • Indeed – as a revert I am utterly saddened to see many Muslim men act nothing like the Prophet (saw)

      • Masha Allah!!! Good to know you are a revert sister. May Allah swt bless you and your family

      • Sister, have you shared your story on your blog? If yes, can you please share with me

      • Walekum Assalam,

        I will read this for sure. May Allah make it easy for you and all our revert sisters.

        Jazak Allahu khair

      • Sister, i was touched by your story. I tried leaving a comment on the post but I didn’t see the option. Anyways, it requires a lot of courage to be a Hijabi in a non Islamic environment and sisters like you are the torch bearer in true sense.

        May Allah azwajal make its simple for you and also for all the sisters who are struggling with it.

        Jazak Allahu Khair

      • JazakAllah Khair for your kindness, in truth i believe due to globalized secular consumer culture..ALL Muslims face the same struggle to CHOOSE to be Muslim and thus r courageous in their efforts.

        I do wish more men would step up in robes and topi and LOOK different to the non muslim men in jeans etc. Goes without saying i look to the men to act differently too…not entertain themselves with shameless secular activities.

        Islam = Modesty

        May Allah bless and strengthen you, Ameen

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