Women in Islam (Special Folder)


Women in Islam (Special Folder)


Are women human beings or mere things that have no souls?

What to do with a baby girl; should she be kept alive despite all the humiliation she would bring to family or should she be buried alive?

How about a widow, is she to be inherited just like the other possessions of the deceased man or perhaps she must immolate herself after her husband’s death?

These are just examples of questions and practices inflicted on womenfolk in the West and East before Islam. The advent of the final religion of mercy, Islam, was a real light at the end of the tunnel for persecuted and oppressed women.

Islam came to affirm the dignity of women, their full human rights, their eligibility for high rank and status both in this world and in the hereafter.
The history of Islam testifies that when the teachings and principles of Islam were properly applied, women were fully empowered and thus wonderful women pioneers emerged, excelling in social work, knowledge, and activism.

Read in this folder about how Islam views women and how it approaches women’s issues and rights.