Misconceptions and Q&A on Hijab


Misconceptions and Q&A on Hijab

How easy is it to wear hijab? What personal problems do women face with regards to hijab? Obviously with all that covering, these women don’t get enough fun or sun, right?…


Hijab: An Insult to Unveiled Women?

My question is regarding the status of Muslim women. It is said in the holy Quran that Muslim women should cover themselves to guard their modesty… Now, should a non-Muslim woman get to know the reason Muslim women wear the Hijab? Wouldn’t they feel looked down upon?


Islam was revealed with a set of orders to its men and women believers concerning their clothes, food, way of praying, places to go for pilgrimage, and so on.

And it was clear in the Quran that obeying such orders is the way to the kingdom of Heaven for the Muslims who received these orders in their book, but they do not concern the followers of other religions who did not receive the same orders either of Hijab or of otherwise. Therefore, why should they feel offended?

Although other religions might not have indicated women’s dress to be in this design of hijab, they all stressed the fact that women should not show in a vulgar appearance.

But hijab which is a type of uniform prescribed in the Quran to cover all the head and body except for the face and the two hands and is neither tight nor transparent, is only decreed on Muslim women for logical reasons. Therefore, I see no point in non-Muslin women getting offended or insulted by this decree which was not directed to them.

You say that Muslim women feel superior to wear hijab, and that they isolate themselves from others thinking that hijab makes them of higher status.

The fact is that hijab is constantly criticized in all non-Muslim societies and is thought of as a token of backwardness and patriarchy, consequently Muslim women are looked down upon in non-Muslim societies and are isolated by others.

A clear example of this is when France and some Scandinavian countries banned hijab in public places and deprived Muslim women in hijab to go to their work, schools or hospitals for treatment.

What really worries me, dear Muhammad, is that after the enemies of Islam accused hijab of being a sign of backwardness and oppression for women, now they are starting a new round claiming that hijab insults non-Muslim women. And they will find in this claim a good excuse to start their war against hijab.

What we need now is to remove all suspicions from our hearts towards one another and to try to understand and be lenient with the small differences which are assigned among the different religions.

The world has become a small village in which we all have to live together whether we like it or not.

Can’t we be smart enough to build this small village on basis of mutual understanding and respect instead of mutual hatred and distrust?

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