“World Hijab Da…


“World Hijab Day is not an act of worship but rather an effective way to create global awareness of the issue that is being attacked unfairly.It has achieved some great success already. Alhamdulillah.” -Mufti Ismail Menk
“I believe the concept of bringing attention to the modest attire that Islam encourages women to wear is something extremely positive and beneficial, especially in today’s fashion-obsessed and scantily-clad societies. Allah created us to love modesty, and modesty is a part of faith. Projects such as the ‘Word Hijab Day’ help us spread these values and showcase our religion in a positive manner.”- Dr. Yasir Qadhi
“World Hijab Day is a beautiful initiative in which Muslim sisters can experience the beauty of Hijab and hopefully transition from a 1 day commitment to a lifetime commitment inshaAllah. It also gives Non Muslims a chance to show their solidarity and learn what its like to be a Muslim woman.”-Sheikh Omar Suleiman ( Director, Islamic Learning Foundation; Instructor, Mishkah University and Al Maghrib Institute)
“World Hijab Day has shown my students a most powerful lesson in accepting individual differences.” -Dr. Arthur Flug (Executive Director, Kupferberg Holocaust Center)
“Highlighting the choice of Hijaab being a legitimate right of women, politically empowers them and exposes the falsehood being propagated by the secular extremists that the hijaab degrades women and is forced upon them.”- Dr. Bilal Philips
“World Hijab Day is not a political demonstration but a celebration of those pious women around the world who chose to cover their bodies in submission to the Creator and in line with all the Prophets of monotheism and their female disciples. It is also a reminder of the critical importance of modesty and purity in human relations and the danger of an immoral, unjust world.” -Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick, PhD (Senior Lecturer, Islamic Institute of Toronto)
“Muslim women who choose to live a life of modesty, integrity and dignity following the example of Mary the mother of Jesus (as)and not the example of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. Keeping it real World Hijab Day” -Br.Eddie, The Deen Show
“Hijab is not just a physical garment, rather it is a garment which symbolizes submission and spiritual upliftment that a Muslim woman strives to achieve each and every day of her life. World Hijab Day has certainly brought awareness to that. Allahu Akbar!”-Sheikh Musleh Khan (Director, Education at the Khalid bin Walid Mosque in Toronto Canada)
“World Hijab day: A day where women celebrate the right to be free to dress the way they want. A call to be treated fairly, and judged upon who they are rather than what they are.”- Sheikh Navaid Aziz
“World Hijab Day is important to me because it is a tool for education, and recognition of the honor, beauty and piety of Muslim ladies. Educating others about hijab and the ladies who wear it helps to break down social barriers and improve understanding while providing an opportunity to identify with females that are a part of the global family” -Dr. Jawairriya Abdallah-Shahid (Education Consultant and author of Veiled Voices: Muhajabat in Secular Schools)
“World Hijab Day sounds a creative idea to melt some ice between Muslims and our neighbors. Best of success sister.”-Muhammad al-Shareef (Founder, Al-Magrib Institute)
“World Hijab Day aims to bridge gaps & connect diverse communities. Let’s take a step towards each other.”- Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim
“One of the most misunderstood aspects of our religion is the concept of Hijab. It is initiatives like the World Hijab Day that unveils the true essence of the Muslim veil and defends its values against recently surfacing socio-political debates on an international level.” –Abdul Malik Mohammad (Founder, Ilmster Seminars)
“Hijab freed me from my fickle and narcissistic addiction with fashion trends. It also freed me from the catish, negative, and competitive nature that hurts our sisterhood between sisters of all faiths. Hijab restored my ability as a woman with intellect, wisdom, and a good brain rather than being viewed as simply being an object of desire. World Hijab Day is a beautiful, safe, and loving way to share my choices with women everywhere.” – Fatima Omar aka Spiritual Biz Mom (respected speaker and author)
“I ask Allah to make “World Hijab Day” a key to goodness to the ones who work on it or who are part of it, and I ask Him, the most Generous, to make this project a key to fulfilling the goal of bringing awareness to the world about the meaning of Hijab and that the sisters have done it by choice & NOT by force or pressure, ameen.” -Sr. Nada Rasheed (Wife of sh. Waleed Abdulhakeem )