Don’t lose hope



callAssalaamualaikum wr wb,

For the past year, I’ve had insomnia. I can’t sleep at all or only have a few hours of sleep every night. I started getting messed up: I became irritated at everyone, I would lose my temper easily, and a lot of other stuff but most of all, I was losing hope. Hope in Allah (swt) that He will help you when you ask for anything.

Obviously, the first thing I did do when I started losing sleep was ask Allah (swt) to let me fall asleep instead of making me go through another long night of lying in bed, frustrated. This didn’t really work and with each passing month, it got worse and worse. Soon enough I was afraid to go to bed. My parents tried everything and so did I. Everyday I would wake up tired and think why did Allah (swt) leave me restless…

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