Sermon of the grand-daughter of the Prophet of Islam, when faced by the oppressor Yazid after the battle of Karbala


Sermon of the grand-daughter of the Prophet of Islam, when faced by the oppressor Yazid after the battle of Karbala

Sermon Of Syeda Zainab (s.a) in Kufa

There are several significant points concerning her sermon. The first point is that the speaker is a captive woman who is among many victorious soldiers and higher rank army men. She has to consider that the enemy’s anger may cause another attack upon the captives. Furthermore, since the people of Kufah knew Imam Ali (as) and his children, Syeda Zainab’s (sa) sermon should have been in such a manner that people could fully understand the importance of such a tragedy.

“O crescent who did not even rise when it was eclipsed and it set! O piece of my heart! I (asws) had not presumed that the pen of destiny would have written this. O brother (asws) ! Speak to the young Fatema (asws) so that her heart may find solace. O brother (asws) ! What has happened to the heart that was merciful and kind towards us (asws) , that it has hardened? O brother! I wish you would look at Ali (asws) (Zainul Abedeen) when he was being captivated while he (asws) was also orphaned. He (asws) possessed no strength to retaliate; when he was being flogged he (asws) was calling out to you helplessly, while his tears were flowing. O brother (asws) ! Take him (asws) into your fold and bring him (asws) close to you (asws) .”
When the caravan travelled to kufa they met many hardships along the way. Numerous Children (asws) of the Prophet (saww) were made martyrs as they fell in the burning desert from the saddless camels backs as their Mothers (asws) hands were tied and the infidels made the camels travel quickly. Syeda Zainab (asws) gave the following speech to the traitors of Kufa;
Syeda Zainab (asws) glorified Allah (azwj) and sent salutations upon the Prophet of Allah (saww) and said;

“Now then! O Kufans! O men of vaunt! O treacherous men! O retreaters! Beware! May your lament never cease and may your wailing never end. Verily your similitude is that of a woman who untwirls the threads spinned by herself. You have broken your pledges by deceit and there remains nothing in you except pretense, self-conceit, exorbitance and dishonesty. You have adopted the flatter of maids and coquettishness of the enemies as your customs. Your similitude is of that of the expanse vegetation or jewellery in the graveyard. Beware! What an evil have you brought forth for yourselves that has invited Allah’s wrath upon you and you have earned a place of fury in the hereafter. You weep for my brother? Verily yes by Allah! You should weep, for you deserve it. Weep abundantly and laugh less, thus you are tainted with disgrace and trapped in contempt that you shall never be able to wash off. How will you wash off the blood of the son of the ‘Seal of Prophethood (s.a.w.s)’ and the Mine of Apostleship’ from yourselves, who was the Master of the youth of Paradise, the General of the battlefield, and an Asylum of your group. He was a residence of repose for you and your well-being. He healed your wounds and safeguarded you against whatever evil came towards you. You approached him when you quarreled among yourselves. He was your best counsel and you relied upon him, and he was a lantern of your path. Beware! What evil have you brought forth for yourselves and what load have you put upon your neck for the day of Qiyamah. Perdition! Perdition! Destruction! May your search go vain and may your hands paralyse that you have handed over the affairs of your provisions to the wind. You have occupied a place in Allah’s wrath, while the stamp of contempt and misfortune is sealed upon your forehead. Woe be to you! Do you know that you have amputated the dear child of Mohammads.a.w.s)? And what pledge have you broken off from him? And what endeared family of his have you brought out onto the streets? And what veil of sanctity have you snatched away from them? And what blood have you shed from him? What an awry thing have you brought forth that it is likely that the heavens would fall down and the earth would disperse, while the mountains would crumble down as much as the fill of the earth and the heavens. The bride of your affairs is hairless, unfamiliar, indecent, blind, ugly and sullen. You wonder why the heavens rain blood. The chastisement of the hereafter is more disgraceful and there will be no helper. Let not this respite make you frivolous, for none has the power to anticipate upon Allah, the Mighty, the Sublime, and seeking vengeance does not lapse from him. No, not at all, your Lord is in ambush for you.What will you reply when the Prophet shall ask you, how did you fair, while you were the last nation, with my progeny and my children, the noble ones, that some of them are captivated and some drenched in their blood, this is not the recompense regarding which I adviced you with which you treated my ‘Near-ones’ , I fear that a wrath similar to the people of Iram might descend upon you”.

Saying this Syeda Zainab (asws) turned her (asws) face away from them.

The Ahl-e-Bait (asws) were then taken before Ibn Ziyad (L.A) Ibne Ziyad (L.A) asked, “Who is this woman sitting alongwith the other women in the corner?” Syeda Zainab (asws) did not answer him (L.A) . He repeated his question for the second and third time, when one of the maids said, “She is Zainab, (asws) the daughter of Fatima (asws) , the daughter of the Prophet of Allah (saww) “. Ibne Ziyad (L.A) turned towards her (asws) and said, “Praise be to Allah that He has humiliated you, killed you and has brought forward the lie of your appearance”.

Syeda Zainab (asws) replied, “Praise is due to Allah (azwj) who has endeared us through His Prophet (saww) and cleansed us from all filth. Verily the dissolute is humiliated and a tyrant speaks a lie, while this is far away from us (asws) . And praise be to Allah (azwj) “.
SubhanAllah!! source: Syeda Zainab (as)