Do Muslim Women Need Saving? The Western crusade to rescue Muslim women has reduced them to a simplistic stereotype


No we don’t – at least we do not need saving by Secular Feminist Gender Mainstreaming that is embedded into Humanitarian and Development Aid. What we do need is for the Islamic Gender Equity framework that has been decreed by Allah (swt) to actually be practiced by Muslims. Where you are seeing the oppression of women in the Muslim world it is not by those who actually follow the Islam of our Prophet and Progeny. It is the Islam of the hypocrite Caliphs of Yazid etc. It is the corrupted Islam – corrupted by pre-Islamic tribal culture. And now Islam is being corrupted by Globalised Western Corporate Consumerism – the same ideology that oppresses Western women and girls by sexualising them – an ideology that has now infected Modern Feminism resulting in an ethos that nudity is liberty and the roles of motherhood and being a wife decried as being patriarchal.

I tell you that burqa is far more liberating than the the nakedness of women walking down any street throughout the Western world.