There is a lot of mystery out there about the Muslim hijab. A lot of people view it as a sign of oppression, but we hijabi’s (many of us) have come to view it as a sign of FREEDOM!

Here you will find inspiration for hijabi’s out there who feel that maybe they can’t follow their dreams when really…they can.


The Life Cycle of a Muslim Uni Student


photo looks very much like my university, UNSW, Syndey, Australia. Which has the best Islamic society in Sydney, we have a very big and supportive community, Alhamdulillah

Love Haqtually

I imagine leaving high school is somewhat similar to being released from prison. After all, school is a lot like a prison: a comfortable, cossetted prison, but a prison nonetheless, even down to the uniforms. I certainly felt like I was incarcerated in Year 12. I’d count down the days until I was done, imagining all the great, exciting things waiting for me beyond the classroom walls. When I finally emerged at the end of Year 12, I was pumped and ready to go. I didn’t know it then, but I was about to go down a fairly predictable path. Of course, at the time it was all unfamiliar and exhilarating. Islamic Awareness Week? What a novel idea! Scooping  up burnt onions onto bread to serve up to a queue of hungry diners? Sign me up!

Now that I’m just a little bit older, I realise that leaving high school…

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What exactly is Jihad for a British Muslim in these corrupt times?


In his return to writing, The Akh ponders over what Jihad means for Muslims such as himself living in Britain, the “disease” we all have and do we need to re-contextualise the struggle?

So……here I am…..I knew I would be……I took the last few months to totally switch off, I popped the blue pill, no news, no media, no twitter (what a shock!), just me, my thoughts and my people. It’s been a while since I last wrote & 2013 has so far been a year that I’d rather consign to the rubbish dump of history.

Lately I’ve begun to develop “the itch”, to get writing again as a first step….to get the head into akhtivism mode again?….. maybe.

I was determined not to see what goes on in the…

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Recite, in the name of thy Lord


Love, InshAllah

Bless the lips of women who recite the word of their Lord, and bless the ears of all who are comforted by the recitation.

For the first time, a woman, Usthadha Tahera Ahmad, Associate University Chaplain and Faculty Fellow at Northwestern University, opened the main hall session of the 50th Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention on Aug 30th, 2013 with recitation of the Holy Quran.


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