A Western Muslim’s Dilemma


Love Haqtually

Like many people, I both study and work in the CBD. I feel visibly Muslim at times, but at times I feel as though my religion forms some kind of secret double life. It’s not that I can or want to hide the fact that I’m Muslim; the hijab takes care of that one pretty easily. But being Muslim in a predominantly non-Muslim environment sometimes makes me feel walking a tightrope between drawing overt attention to my Muslim-ness on the one side and avoiding any mention of it on the other. It’s hard to find the opportunity to do da’wah outside of environments specifically geared towards that purpose, and when they do come up, many Muslims find themselves unsure of how to behave

There are very few Muslims who can claim to have never had a negative experience when it comes to interacting with non-Muslims. Sometimes, these experiences arise out of…

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