‘Arranged’ marriages


Love Haqtually

‘Arranged’ marriages get a pretty bad rap in the media. It seems that many people don’t seem to be able to make the distinction between an arranged marriage, which merely involves the guy and girl being introduced by some third party, and a forced marriage, which involves compulsion and duress. As Muslims, we don’t use those frames of reference because we’re well aware that this distinction exists. I personally tend to replace the word ‘arranged’ with ‘traditional’, because meeting a partner through this way often involves following a set of  culturally appropriate behaviours.

Whenever a friend of mine undertakes the traditional marriage journey, I marvel at the relative ease with which it often unfolds. It usually goes like this:

Family member/family friend suggests a guy>Guy comes over to the girl’s house>They meet a few times>They talk weddings, career plans and life plans>They get engaged>

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