the beauty of hijab


the beauty of hijab

Anyone who says “Hijab is against beauty”, they mix up between the meaning of
“beauty” and “charms” of a woman.
Hijab doesn’t cover the beauty of a woman…In fact it increases it.
Hijab does cover the charms of a Muslimah and not her beauty,
because the beauty of a woman lies in her Hayaa and good manners…
It doesn’t lie in red lipstick or in blue eyes and beautiful face or body!
We may find a woman who wears her full Islamic Hijab but she captures people’s hearts by the beauty of her soul!
And we may find a woman who wears inappropriate clothes but the light of her beauty, which attracted eyes to her body, will soon extinguish.
And as they say :” ”a beautiful woman who displays her charms, may attract a man to her body for an hour,
But a chaste decent woman would capture his heart for his entire life!”