10-Top-Tips for a Happy Ramadan


Identity Crisis

In the past few years I have realized that the one-Ramadan-arrangement-fits-all actually fits none. The Ramadan experience is as individual as each one of us, and in order to be successful we need to identify what works and what does not. These are things that I have learned in the past four years:

1)      Experience Ramadan. Sometimes it seems that our communities are much more concerned about whether we eat (or we don’t because we have our periods), drink or wear hijab during Ramadan. However, Ramadan is much more than that. It entails a lot of soul-searching and quality time with our communities, ourselves, and Allah.

Across Canada Pictures by  Saad's Camera 130

Vancouver 2012. That’s where I spent last year’s Ramadan.

2)      Seek Knowledge on the Scriptures. This gets me every time. Don’t read just to please people! I often show up to the mosque, see a bunch of women reading the Qur’an, but…

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