“the secrets of girls”


“the secrets of girls”

This is true story …
“Monira, a young Muslim girl from one of the gulf countries. She wanted to share her story with Hijab, she said:
« how I adored Tabarroj (displaying beauty to non Mahram), I was following the latest trend fashion of ‘Ibaya (the ones which attracted attention with their colors and shapes). I considered that the Islamic ‘Ibaya (the loose one which covers the body properly) are just made for the old fashion complicated poor girls!

One day, I went out with a group of my friends to the mall. I went out as usual applying a full make up on my face, perfumed and wearing an attractive Ibaya. When a sister saw me in the mall, she came to me and advised me in front of my friends to wear the proper Hijab so that Allah don’t punish me in Akhirah.

Her advice shook my body. But I wanted to make fun of her in front of my friends to make them laugh, so I told her something which I don’t know if I should now regret saying it or should I be glad because I said it. In fact what I said to her led me to Hidya and it was the reason behind turning to my Lord. Do you know what I said to her ?! I told her ironically after I reach the back of my hand in front of her face:”if you kiss my hand I would wear the Islamic Hijab!!”

So, what do you think she did? Do you think she got angry? Or she walked away or she showed objection? No wallahi she didn’t ! She simply took my hand and kissed it! yes! She kissed my hand saying :”I would kiss your head too if you are truly going to wear Hijab in return! What you asked me to do is too small and simple comparing to your preciousness!”

then she make Duaa for me and went away! After she left, I cried and cried and cried… I underestimated myself, I hated the ‘Ibaya I was wearing. When I went back home, I wanted to be by myself! I decided to wear the Islamic loose ‘Ibaya and I prayed to Allah to keep me on the right path! How I wished to meet that woman again to thank her but what I can do to her is just to always making Duaa to her!

Now they call me “sheikh” because of my commitment to Deen but I don’t care about what they say! Now when I go out, I notice that men are respecting me, no one of them dare to stare at me or flirt with me in the street! Even the salesmen in the market speak to me now formally with respect manner; in the past they always tried to joke with me and be intimate. So I realized that Haq (the true path) has absolutely a high status!”
Taken from the book “the secrets of girls” for the writer “Ruqya Mohammad Sulaiman”