ICNA CSJ – Rights of Women by Aisha Al-Adawiya



Facilitate assertive Muslim involvement in the field of human struggle for the rights of the poor and oppressed in the United States. Established by the Islamic Circle of North America, CSJ enters the social justice/human rights arena in America to cooperate with existing social justice efforts, and organize new initiatives when appropriate, to eliminate barriers to full citizenship rights and privileges, work to restore civil liberties required for a democratic society, and raise public awareness and work to remove the gross inequities of the US criminal justice system. The mission of all of the Prophets, including the Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him), was to elevate human existence and establish unparalleled just societies through submission to the Creator. “Oh you who believe! Be standard bearers for Justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, Or your kin, whether it be rich or poor; For Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts, lest you Swerve, and if you Distort Justice or decline To do Justice, verily Allah is well-Acquainted with all that you do.” Qur’an 4:135


RISTalks: Sr. Aisha Al Adawiyya – “Freeing Our Mosques”


in our Prophet’s day there were no walls and curtains between men and women in the mosque…they all worshiped in same space. ‘just say no to sitting at the back of the bus’. The men should be relegated to the attic and basement of the masjid.. the most beautiful and best places should be for the women and children WE are the foundation and future of the Muslim community

the beauty of hijab


the beauty of hijab

Anyone who says “Hijab is against beauty”, they mix up between the meaning of
“beauty” and “charms” of a woman.
Hijab doesn’t cover the beauty of a woman…In fact it increases it.
Hijab does cover the charms of a Muslimah and not her beauty,
because the beauty of a woman lies in her Hayaa and good manners…
It doesn’t lie in red lipstick or in blue eyes and beautiful face or body!
We may find a woman who wears her full Islamic Hijab but she captures people’s hearts by the beauty of her soul!
And we may find a woman who wears inappropriate clothes but the light of her beauty, which attracted eyes to her body, will soon extinguish.
And as they say :” ”a beautiful woman who displays her charms, may attract a man to her body for an hour,
But a chaste decent woman would capture his heart for his entire life!”

10-Top-Tips for a Happy Ramadan


Identity Crisis

In the past few years I have realized that the one-Ramadan-arrangement-fits-all actually fits none. The Ramadan experience is as individual as each one of us, and in order to be successful we need to identify what works and what does not. These are things that I have learned in the past four years:

1)      Experience Ramadan. Sometimes it seems that our communities are much more concerned about whether we eat (or we don’t because we have our periods), drink or wear hijab during Ramadan. However, Ramadan is much more than that. It entails a lot of soul-searching and quality time with our communities, ourselves, and Allah.

Across Canada Pictures by  Saad's Camera 130

Vancouver 2012. That’s where I spent last year’s Ramadan.

2)      Seek Knowledge on the Scriptures. This gets me every time. Don’t read just to please people! I often show up to the mosque, see a bunch of women reading the Qur’an, but…

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