Upon the miraculous birth of Imam Ali (a.s.)


Upon the miraculous birth of Imam Ali (a.s.)

O Allah send blessings on the Ameer ul Moomineen, All ibna abi Talib, the brother of Thy prophet, his successor, his supporter, his vicegerent,
custodian of his knowledge, repository of his confidential and privileged matters, gate of his wisdom, who gave tongue to his arguments, invited to his system, and took charge of the affairs of his followers after him,
he removed his anxiety and anguish, he pulled the syndrome of infidelity to pieces, and pushed the nose of evil into the dust, whom Thou united with Thy Prophet as Haroon was attached with Moosaa.
O Allah befriend those who make friends with him, discard those who show hostility to him, help those who support him, abandon those who forsake him,
damn those who set up and planted hostile opposition against him, whether they were his contemporaries or came after in succeeding generations;
and send blessings on him, much and more blessings than Thou bestowed on any one from among the successors of Thy prophets, O the Lord of the worlds!


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