When do people do the nikah?


Love Haqtually

Trying to explain to a non-Muslim the intricacies of the timing of the Nikah, or formal Islamic marriage contract, is an absolute minefield. I find it confusing enough myself given the vast array of arrangements people have come up with.   Let’s break it down then, shall we?

1.) Nikah on the wedding day

This is the simplest and most easily explained arrangement. The religious ceremony, as with a Christian church ceremony, is conducted either on the morning of the wedding day or at the actual wedding itself in front of the guests. From this point both socially and religiously they are considered to be husband and wife.

Pros: This arrangement is very neat. Everything happens in a structured way: meet someone, get engaged, get socially and religiously married and commence a life together. There’s no confusion as to the status of the couple at any time.

Cons: Because the couple are…

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