The Sophia Khan Memorial Fund



The Sophia Khan Memorial Fund

At a young age of 33, Sophia Khan tragically and unexpectedly lost her life as a result of complications arising during a routine medical procedure. She was a wife and mother to two beautiful children, a one-year-old and a three-year old. This foundation was established in efforts to honor Sophia Khan and what she represented-someone who cared deeply for others and was always willing to help those in need.

What We Need

Eno bhatti is a small village in the outskirts of Lahore. It is situated at approximately a one and a half hour drive from Gulberg. The water in this village is contaminated with arsenic, therefore a filtration plant is desperately needed to clean it and make it fit for villagers to drink.  This project is currently at the top of the Human Development Foundation‘s priority list.

We would like to build a water filtration plant in honor of Sophia Khan so that she may  benefit in the hereafter from this Sadaqa Jariya (continuous charity). An amount of $8540*  is needed to build this plant and less than 10% will be going to overhead costs, which includes labor.