How I Met Your Brother (in Islam) #2


Love Haqtually

Ah, university Muslim Students’ Associations, where would we be without you? A lot of us would be single, no doubt. Here’s the story of yet another cross-cultural MSA couple, enjoy! 😀

*Disclaimer: author’s identity has been kept anonymous.

1.) How and when did you first meet your husband? What were your first impressions of each other?
We were both on the MSA shura at uni (how original) and worked on a project together so got to know each other that way. I actually used to confuse him for one of the other guys on the shura at first so it took me a while to remember his name lol! He was very focused at the time which was something I liked but it took quite a while for me to actually think of him as anything other than a friend. His first impression of me was apparently of someone who…

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