To wear hijab, is a jihad on its own…



As Muslim women, we stand out from the rest of the world. Some say we are oppressed, I say that we are different. We chose to cover in beautiful garments and protect ourselves from sin. We don’t expose our body parts for men to lust over, instead we keep our beauty hidden for our husbands. At times, we are outcasts to a perceived societal norm. We, sometimes, feel that we are alone and can’t relate to no one, but people of our own. We watch television shoes, see billboards, and read magazines and realize that we are nothing like those women. At times, we feel let out and misunderstood. Wearing hijab is fighting a silent battle (jihad) that only Allâh will understand. Why? Because He created us and only the strong will survive. FIGHT ON UKHTIS because we are Queens of Islam… #SAADIQspeaks

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