1420 Years of freedom – Muslim women usher in the millenium


Learn to laugh

Something I wrote in 2000, before kids and responsibilities. I feel it is still relevant 13 years later, as I face the same challenges…

2000 AD holds no benchmark for me – a Muslim woman born in the latter half of this century, and when I look back I do so with a sad twinge.

Islam when and how it was first practiced some 1400 years ago bestowed unto women rights, privileges and protection to lead righteous, healthy and independent lives if they chose to do so. This was in stark contrast to the theory of other religions, where the woman, namely Eve, was considered to be the root cause of man’s descent from heaven and she was then punished by suffering, as in childbirth.

Women in Islam have been given the right to own property, the right to enter into political decisions, the right to inherit, the right to…

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