Queens of Islam


We are not oppressed. We are respected.We are not restricted. We are free.We are not meaningless. We are protected.We are not segregated. We are separated.We are not forced to cover. We decide to cover.We share our knowledge. We don’t share our bodies.We are not isolated. We are active parts of society.We are united. We respect. We care. We love. We pray to Allah- not only for us but for the entire humanity. We care about all the people.We live with faith and we do everything for the sake of Allah.We honour creation. That’s why we honour Allah.We see the light through Allah.We see through the dark through the love of Allah.We hear. We listen. We obey.We are powerful creatures.We are the Queens of Islam.Alhamdulillah.We give peace.We live in peace.We create peace.Alhamdulillah.Islam – our religion. Hijab – our honour.Queens of Islam is who we are.Poetic-Lyric

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