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“And he found you lost and guided you.” – Qu’ran (93:7)

My intention is not to convert people to Islam – since Allah chooses and guides us all at the right time- but to spread the true message of Islam and the voice of Allah. I do not consider Islam a religion even though it is thought of as a religion in our society. For me Islam is a way of life – it is the most natural way of living life. It is so natural that the only thing that has changed since I converted is the way I dress and the way I pray to God, our creator. Be aware: Allah is not only the God of us Muslims, he is the God of the worlds “Bismillahahir-raHamaanir-raHim. Alhamdullilahhi rabbil’aalamiin – In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful. All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Wolds” (Qu’ran 1: 2-4). Allah is one. Our God. We are all brothers and sisters despite race and religion. He is our creator to whom we submit our will. The one who synchronises all the energy around us. The one who makes things happen in order for you to learn while you are walking your spiritual path of life of self-discovery.

The true message of Islam is peace, love and mercy.

The way a Muslim greats another person, for example, is “Assalaam Alaykom” which means peace be upon you”. Islam teaches us to be kind, humble and give love and peace to everybody. Before any action, for example before eating, drinking, entering a house we say bismillah which means “in the name of God”, meaning “may this action of mine be blessed”. Saying it as a ritual does not make any sense. It must come from the heart. It must be a feeling you have before you do that action. I hardly ever say it, for example, but I feel it. I say it in my heart. I appreciate the food I am about to eat, given to me by my creator. I appreciate the roof I have, which protects me from the cold and the rain, – so I say bismillah before entering my house or any other house.
Islam is not about rituals. We do not pray because we have to. We pray because it is our meeting with God and before that we purify ourselves with water (wodo’o). When we stand in front of the creator, directed to the Kaaba, we make the intention (niya) to talk to our creator. I usually put both my hands on my heart and close my eyes to find that moment of peace and tranquillity to disconnect from whatever is outside and tune in and connect to God.

Yes, our prayers are very meaningful and there is a specific time for each of the five prayers a day. We wake up before the sun rises (fajr) and pray, we pray again when the sun is at the peak (dhuhur), then again in the afternoon before the sun sets (asr), when/ after the sun sets (maghreb) and at night before going to sleep (isha). Every time we pray, we remember Allah, we thank him for what we have, we ask him to guide us with each prostration. We communicate to Allah. We connect our heart to Allah. And Allah listens to our hearts. Our connection to Allah is a heart connection, not an oral ritual. When we recite a sura we are fully aware of the meaning of each word. We feel it.

I will write more about Islam in my posts. This page is a simple introduction to what Islam is and I thought I’d drop a few lines here to give a brief overview of Islam.

Islam is peace. We find peace with silence. Then we connect to ourselves and to our creator…and we start our prayer in the name of God.


Poetic Lyric