Islam: harmonising school, home and real life


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Tariq Ramadan, an eloquent speaker who deserves attention.

What is the difference between living Islam and following it? Living Islam is feeling Allah’s message, understanding it with your heart and living it from your heart. Following it means following rules without knowing why and feeling good about it. It is like ticking. Tick. Tick. Tick. Done it. I am a good Muslim. No. Again, I’d like to emphasise something which Tariq Ramadan underlines as well: Being religious is different from being part of a religion. Being religious means being spiritual and therefore being connected to God. To do that we do not need to be part of a religion which in Islam turns out to be the community where the meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood has vanished. The Muslim community today is nothing but the “community of judges”. To me personally it seems like a whole bunch of desperate housewives who have nothing better to do than gossip. If we reflect on this, this is exactly the opposite of being a Muslim, since a Muslim lives to serve humanity for the sake of Allah.