Feminism in Islam


Feminism in Islam. reposted from Saadispeaks: http://saadiqspeaks.wordpress.com

After watching a video entitled, “The Stream – Who speaks for Muslim women?” I must say that we are truly living in our last days. To hear the jahilun (ignorant people, non-Muslims) speaking about feminism in Islam, from an opposed position baffles me. “Topless Jihad Day” Subhan’Allâh. In what form or fashion do these feminists think that they are helping Muslim women? The media has done everything in their power to label us “Queens of ISLAM” as oppressed and that is not the case. Unfortunately, it is the preconceived notion of hijab, subhan’Allâh.

Instead of “feminists” voicing their opinions on matters they lack knowledge of, they should try and educate themselves upon Islam. Particularly, the role of a Muslim woman. If only they understood the value of hijab and reward from Allâh (SWT). Allahu Alim (Allah knows best). This issue reminds me of the khutbah that was spoken about at jumua prayer this past jumua (Friday). The topic of the khutbah was “Islam came as something strange and will return as something strange.” Ya’Allâh