My Namesakes – Visionary women of Islam who are my role models


*For those Muslim women that want to be involved in POLITICAL AFFAIRS, who want to impact national and international change. Point out  Syeda Fatima Zahra (r.a.) – She was not just a home maker but also got involved in political and social justice. The Khutba of Syeda Fatima Zahra calling to the injustice of being denied inheritance which was against the tenants of Islam that decreed women should inherit.  She shook the political scene of Medina.


*For those women that want to be a campaigner for SOCIAL JUSTICE look to Sumayyah(r.a) bint Khayyat  mother of Ammar bin Yasser – she saw her son convert to Islam – when she heard from him teaching of the Prophet that questioned the social practice of burying girl babies alive – she was moved to convert to Islam having had her 2 elder sisters buried alive as infants.   Summayah then campaigned against the oppression of the Prophet at the hands of Abu Jahl, she organised a group of women  -sahaba of the Prophet who campaigned against the oppression of the Prophet and early Muslims.  When Abu Jahl held a spear to her heart and commanded she denounce Islam for her life.. she refused to denounce Islam and was killed.. becoming the first marytr of Islam.Both women demonstrated the 3 skins of Hijab – the physical, the social and the visionary.


Character Of The Imam Ali (a.s)


Chirping Cricket

This week Shias celebrated the birth of the Imam Ali (a.s).I recently found this great blog Nahjul Balagha  that is documenting Nahjul Balagha (Peak of Eloquence) page by page in English. Check it out!


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