Chrysalis -3D short film




Watch Film here: Chrysalis

Chrysalis the story of a Muslim husband whose inspiration is Allah (swt) and purpose is to make his wife proud.

A film animated by my husband Bawaqar Haider.  Screenplay written and voice narration done by me. Alhamdulillah!


Self Taught Animator, From Lahore Made A Complete Animation Film In Personal Capacity With Zero Budget

Pakistani youth as we know has abundance of talent waiting to be given recognition and chance to exhibit its loads of ability and potential. One out of many such cases out there is Bawaqar Haider, A self taught animator from Lahore, currently a student at University Of Lahore , who has made a complete animation film in completely personal capacity with Zero Budget at his disposal.

The name of the movie is “Chrysalis” and the plot of the movie is an architect finding a creative idea for a project and how he finds it in Allah’s creation that is a “Chrysalis”.

It is a very encouraging sight to see students at university taking up the challenge and coming up with initiatives like this. it clearly gives us an idea how given proper facilities equipment and platforms such students can do wonders.

Looks like Pakistan has a bright future in the Field of 3D animation when we see that student at University level are equipped to come up with such an effort.

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