7 Remarkable Things About Khadija, Wife of the Prophet of Islam


7 Remarkable Things About Khadija, Wife of the Prophet of Islam by Yasmina Blackburn

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If we could agree for a moment that there exists a pure definition of the word feminist to mean: awesomely fierce to the millionth degree, then I’d like to introduce you to Islam’s first feminist. Her name is Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (pbuh). She was the wife of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him.) And she is one of the people that I think about when I face or debate issues surrounding women today.



“Modern” or not hijab is worship


“Modern” or not hijab is worship


Whenever I plan to buy an abaya or jilbab (outer gown) or hijab or khimar (a veil), I search from one shop to another and from one market to another for the latest stylish and unique piece. After an enormous effort I finally succeed in finding that trendy and distinctive piece that most appeals me.

However, one day I thought, “Why do I put so much effort into finding that distinctive piece? Why am I so careful about the design, about the color, about the style and the appearance as well?”