How not to enjoin the good…..



When you see someone doing good you encourage them instead of pointing out their faults.

A believer is not a fault finder.

Today she is following a sunnah.
Tomorrow she will follow fard.
Day after tomorrow she might become a Female Scholar of Islam.

We were all once on the brink of hellfire and Allah saved us. Lets not forget that.

This looks like a quick comeback but can hurt so many sisters who do not wear hijaab or who are in a transition of wearing a perfect hijaab.

Also please remember the sisters who wear hijaab and the sisters who do not wear hijaab are all Muslims and we need to take care of their hearts and souls. Stop labelling sisters based on “what you think you know about them”.

This way of correcting or guiding someone is not prophetic.
Guiding and giving dawah requires a lot of hikmah and love and not rude corrections. Especially in our times were everyone’s egos are riding high and mighty


Reflections on Miscarriage


Originally posted on Tales of a Mom:

Today I find myself reflecting back quite a bit. Slightly more than six years ago is when I had my first miscarriage. It shook my husband and I to the core. We planned that baby and wanted one so badly to have it taken away from us almost as soon as we found out I was pregnant. Our due date was April 1, 2007. I allowed myself to get depressed. I gained weight, I just didn’t care anymore. Three months after the D&C, we tried to get pregnant again and we did. The result was the birth of our oldest son. We were so happy to finally have a baby in our arms. Yet, whenever that due date of our first baby goes by, I get into a mini-funk but I snap out of it because we do have two wonderful children.

Now, as we wait for this miscarriage to…

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